Our staff exudes experience, hard work and talent.  Together we create flavors you will want to revisit time after time.


Roger McKelvie


Born under the pale glow of a late autumn waning gibbous in the wilderness of northern New Jersey. Wandered frequently and spontaneously while finding employment in fields as various as strip club security, elevator constructor, head shop manager, and steel yard worker until making brewing a career at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa Florida.  Six years and countless beers later the voyage culminates as head brewer at Shy Bear Brewing.


Shane Orndorf

Head Chef

Chef Shane has worked his way from mom & pop delis to critically acclaimed, urban dining destinations and now leads the culinary path at Shy Bear.  He brings a ton of knowledge & experience to the table with every dish he perfects.




Jen Davis


What would make your experience at Shy Bear the best it can be?  Jen is the person who will make sure it happens.  Her dedication to our combined success is second to none.


Jason Ufema

Curator of Grand Ideas

Have you seen this guy who seems to pop up now and then…and then disappears like a ninja?  That’s Jason.  He loves you but you don’t know it yet.