Our staff exudes experience, hard work and talent.  Together we create flavors you will want to revisit time after time.


Dennis Snider


You won’t find anyone more passionate about making beer.


Michael Wilson

Head Chef

Chef Michael’s culinary adventures have taken him from the Hawaiian Islands to a cattle ranch in Wyoming to Teppanyaki chef and plenty in between.  His vision for how we merge the flavors of our beer and the dishes we have on the menu is 20/20. Equally as impressive is his Christopher Walken impersonation.




Jen Davis


What would make your experience at Shy Bear the best it can be?  Jen is the person who will make sure it happens.  Her dedication to our combined success is second to none.


Jason Ufema

Curator of Grand Ideas

Have you seen this guy who seems to pop up now and then…and then disappears like a ninja?  That’s Jason.  He loves you but you don’t know it yet.